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Hello, my name is Jason Daley


I am a disabled photographer and I have dyslexia, so please forgive any spelling mistakes :-)

I studied Art & Design for 4 years at Walsall Art & Technology College, and I like to photograph people and capture their emotions.


I live in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, and I specialize in Portrait Photography. My work also includes taking photos at events, parties, weddings, and christenings.


I began photography at the age of 10 when my dad bought me a camera as a Christmas present. He used to be a photographer for our church, and I followed in his footsteps. Taking pictures, for me, was a natural progression from drawing, which I also love to do. It is an artform and to me...


                       "PHOTOGRAPHY IS DRAWING WITH LIGHT"


I am currently working on what I call the "stranger project", wherein, I photograph people from all walks of life in different social settings.

Previously known as "100 strangers", the stranger project was developed as a way to help me become more confident and to further improve my skills as a photographer.

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